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Coronavirus in Cuba: Latest News

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Coronavirus in Cuba

Total Cases in Cuba: 186

Deaths in Cuba: 6

The authorities of the Cuban Ministry of Public Health confirmed that up to date March 31st, 2020 there has been 186 people infected with the novel Coronavirus, 2837 people in Quarantine and 3 deaths.

Coronavirus Spread Map in Cuba

Latest News About the Coronavirus in Cuba

If you are considering to visit Cuba soon you might be wondering if there is Coronavirus in Cuba, and it makes sense, after all, health is first and this disease is still spreading all over the World, which is something to concern. But right before I tell you what is the risk of getting infected with Coronavirus in Cuba if you come as visitor, let me tell you a little bit of this disease.

Coronavirus is a disease that appeared in China in December 2019 and is spread throughout Asia and other parts of the world with more than 823,566 cases of infections and at least 40643 deaths so far.

Due to its status as an archipelago, Cuba lacks land borders with other countries, so the Cuban authorities mostly focused on international ports, airports, and marinas, in order to avoid the virus get to Cuba.

Coronavirus Entire World Spread Map
Coronavirus Entire World Spread Map

Cuba claims to have enough Interferon Alfa 2B to cover local and international demand – March 15th, 2020

Cuba claims to have stocks of Interferon Alpha 2B – one of the drugs with which Covid-19 has been treated in China – to cover not only the country’s demand in case the virus spreads, but also that of the international community .

The president of the Biocubafarma group, Eduardo Martínez has assured in a press conference that Cuba has large quantities of the drug, and that they have been receiving great demands from it in recent days.

5 New Possible Cases of Coronavirus in Havana – March 14th, 2020

Five new people with symptoms of Coronavirus infection have been admitted to the Pablo Kourí Tropical Institute of Medicine (IPK). This is a student from the José Antonio Echeverría University City (CUJAE), his parents and two of his friends, as they all had direct contact with the student’s sister, who was recently visiting Cuba and is currently admitted to a Panama hospital with COVID-19.

Although the IPK has not yet issued a statement indicating whether any of the new patients are positive for the COVID-19 disease caused by the Coronavirus, the young student says that there is a high probability that he will be positive in the tests.

New Contagion of Coronavirus in Cuba – March 13th, 2020

Today, the Cuban authorities issued an informative note where a new case of contagion by coronavirus has been released. The intern is a Cuban resident who lives in the city of Santa Clara, Villa Clara province, he and his wife of Bolivian nationality but resident in Milan, Italy; they presented slight respiratory symptoms on February, 27th and on March, and on 8th they went to the health system. After entering the Pedro Kourí Tropical Institute of Medicine, the husband was positive for the Coronavirus disease COVID-19, while his wife was negative.

First Cases diagnosed as positive for COVID-19 in Cuba – March 12th, 2020

On Wednesday, March 11th, 2020, four Italian tourists with respiratory symptoms were identified who were staying in a hostel in the city of Trinidad, Santi Espíritus.

The tourists arrived on a flight from Italy on Monday, March 9th, 2020, at Havana’s José Martí International Airport, and they moved that same day to the city of Trinidad.

Immediately upon diagnosis, these were admitted to the Pedro Kourí Tropical Medicine Institute (IPK). On March 11th, 2020, the IPK reference laboratory reports that 3 of the 4 isolated tourists, were positive for the new Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2.

Currently, public health agencies, in conjunction with law enforcement agencies, carry out epidemiological surveillance and control actions on people who have had direct contact, who remain asymptomatic until today, March 12th, 2020.

For its part, the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) has declared that the situation of the 3 infected patients is favorable, and none have presented life risks so far.

Australian tourist who was in Cuba and the United Kingdom is diagnosed as positive for COVID-19 – March 10th, 2020

The 70-year-old woman would have been visiting Cuba for a period of time that the Australian authorities have not confirmed, and then would have taken a flight to London where she stayed for a total of 6 days. After her return to Australia she was diagnosed with Coronavirus but it is still unknown where she got the infection.

The president of Cuba, Díaz Canel meets in Holguín with Senior Government Executives – March 8th, 2020

The President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz Canel has met on March 7 in the Cuban Province of Holguín, with several governors, first secretaries of the Communist Party of Cuba, as well as executives and specialists from the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP ).

The objective of the meeting has been to present and evaluate the prevention measures of the new corona-virus (COVID-19) by the country. Although Cuba is still free of the epidemic, all sanitary measures are being taken as a preventive measure, the president has stressed that the discipline and preparation of the population and specialists will be essential to keep the country out of cases of contagion.

The Cuban Drug, Interferon Alpha is used successfully in Madrid, Spain – March 6th 2020

The Cuban medicine that has been so successful in China, Interferon Alfa, is currently being used in Madrid, Spain to fight the coronavirus in patients from this country. According to the specialists of several medical centers in the Spanish capital, patients respond positively to the Cuban drug.

The Cuban Press Denies Rumors of Possible Cases of Coronavirus – March 4th, 2020

Four days ago the official press of Cuba has denied the rumors that have spread once again on social networks related to possible infections of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Cuba.

On the other hand, the Cuban authorities have decided that all customs personnel of the international airports of the country wear masks to avoid getting infected by a visitor even before detecting that he or she presents the symptoms of the virus.

President of China thanks Cuba for its solidarity in the fight against COVID-19 – March 2nd, 2020

The president of China has issued a statement last Friday, February 28, 2020, where he has highlighted and thanked Cuba’s support to combat COVID-19.

For his part, the president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz Canel has ratified the solidarity of the people of Cuba with China in his fight against the virus, and he has also thanked the help provided to Cuban citizens in the Asian nation.

The Spread continues in all the World (February 28th, 2020)

Despite the fact that a significant number of cases of transmission of Coronavirus have been registered both in Italy and in other parts of the world, the island’s Ministry of Public Health confirms that no cases of Coronavirus have been registered in Cuba.

Despite this, our country continues to take the necessary measures and closely monitor those people who have recently traveled to China or come from countries where the number of infections is high.

President of Cuba about the Coronavirus (February 14th, 2020)

The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz Canel as well as the Chancellor of the island, Bruno Rodríguez have published in their Twitter accounts that the people of Cuba are fully available to the Chinese authorities in matters of cooperation in order to stop the spread of the virus.

They also highlighted that the Cuban drug Interferon Alfa 2B is being used with positive results as part of the treatment against the coronavirus.

Possible cases of Coronavirus in Cuba, 16 People in Quarantine (February 9th, 2020)

The Ministry of Public Health in Cuba informs the people that in recent days the authorities of the island put more than 16 people in quarantine who were in China or in countries where the virus is spread. However, it is still unknown if any of these individuals are infected with the coronavirus, so the official note remains that Cuba is free of cases with coronavirus.

On the other hand, the director of the National Center of Epidemiology of Havana, has assured that these people presented some symptoms similar to those presented by viruses in infested cases.

Cuban Leading Medicament Interferon Alpha is used in China against the Coronovirus (February 7th, 2020)

The National Health Commission has chosen among others an antiviral developed in Cuba, This is the Interferon Alfa 2B, a leading product in Cuban biotechnology.

The drug has been previously used to combat viral infections caused by HIV, hepatitis types B and C, as well as against different types of cancer.

There is still no case of Coronavirus in Cuba (6th, 2020)

Although several foreign media and some social networks have made reference to possible cases of coronavirus infection in Cuba, the authorities of our country, as well as the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), have given a statement last Wednesday where it confirms that to date there is no case of coronavirus infection on the island, it was also specified that the most stringent sanitary measures are being carried out at airports in order to avoid the arrival of any person infested in Cuban territory.

Embassies warns Cuba Travelers about the Coronavirus Risk (February 3rd, 2020)

We are receiving comments from our clients who will be traveling to Cuba soon and their embassies in Havanva are contacting them to alert them about the new ongoing outbreak of pneumonia caused by coronavirus that is spreading from Wuhan, China.

The embassies emphasize that the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP) has not reported cases of coronavirus in Cuba. MINSAP also informs the implementation of additional sanitary control measures at the border and ports of entry.

However, the note insists on being aware of the airlines in cases of flight cancellations and/or restrictions, as well as avoiding touching eyes, nose or mouth without having washed hands before.

Should you wear a mask?

Wearing a mask when in public places is useless, in fact, according to the world health organization, this could increase the risk of getting the virus. Only wear a mask if you are sick or if you are in a closed place next to someone you think is infested.

Measures taken to prevent a spread of the Coronavirus in Cuba

In each of these places, there is an international health control staff that has the obligation to check the passengers who arrive there.

There is also a working mechanism that is the anticipated information of passengers in which before the plane lands the authorities can have the listings of the passengers, where they come from and then they can apply a little more what is the surveillance.

In the worst Case, that the Coronavirus gets to Cuba

So far, no restrictive measures have been established regarding the entry of travelers, if a person with suspicious symptoms arrives in the country, they are scheduled to be transferred to centers where diagnosis and treatment are oriented.

Cuban doctors say that the most important thing is isolation so that disease transmission does not occur. “Cuba has the possibility of diagnosing a score of viruses, which allows us to rule out the presence of new Coronavirus strains”.

Hands waving flags of Cuba

What is Cuba doing regarding the new Coronavirus spread?

Cuba scientists are in the process of producing the resources of the reagents that allow the diagnosis of the virus.

The work plan includes protection measures for Cuban personnel in other countries and also the health authorities request the support of those who travel abroad to report in case of presenting any symptoms of respiratory disease.

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