Cuba will accept British Cruise with Coronavirus Cases.

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The Cuban government has made the decision to accept that the British cruise ship MS Braemar dock in Cuban ports for the subsequent repatriation by air of several British citizens who have tested positive for the COVID-19 disease caused by the novel Coronavirus.

The Cuban Chancellor, Mr. Bruno Rodríguez, has declared on his twitter account that the decision has been made based on the request made by the British government and due to the seriousness that it could represent for the lives of the infected people, the fact to return by sea since it would take several days to reach British ports.

Mr. Bruno Rodríguez has also mentioned that once the cruise ship has docked in the Port of Havana this Friday, the sanitary measures established in the protocols of the World Health Organization and the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) will be adopted in order to receive the passengers and send them to their country of origin on charter flights provided by the United Kingdom.

The ship, which carries 1063 people, of whom 682 are passengers and 381 crew members, is currently anchored some 25 miles from the Bahamas, where it awaits permission to be replenished with food, medicine, fuel, and medical personnel. 4 passengers and one crew member are known to have tested positive for the Coronavirus test, while another 40 are in quarantine with cold symptoms.

Despite the fact that several nations have denied the MS Braemar to dock in their ports, Bruno Rodríguez has argued in another tweet that the decision responds to a health emergency and that Cuba is willing to collaborate with all the nations of the world to combat the pandemic.

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Relations has issued a statement explaining the reasons for this decision and affirming that these are times of solidarity, understanding health as a human right and reinforcing international cooperation to face new challenges; values ​​that they are inherent in the humanistic practice of the Cuban people.

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