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Cuba will continue Accepting Tourists despite the Coronavirus

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Despite the outbreak of the spread of the novel coronavirus worldwide, the Cuban authorities have made the decision to keep the borders open and continue accepting international tourism, since there are only a few known cases of Coronavirus in Cuba and the country is ready to stop and fight the spread.

Cuba has decided to fight the pandemic with all its strength, but it also wants to demonstrate to the world that it is capable of containing the virus and continue to sell tourism on the Caribbean island as a safe place for vacationers.

The organization and discipline are essential, all tourism workers are reinforcing hygiene measures in hotels and other centers, and they do not wear face masks in order not to spread panic among visitors.

Although the economic situation that the country is suffering due to the economic sanctions imposed by the United States government is serious, Cuba is acting with intelligence to face the new pandemic. The Cuban authorities have made the decision to stop making school uniforms, using the fabric to make a million face masks instead.

Walking through the streets of Havana, it can be seen that all activities continue with normality, restaurants, and bars are still open and excursions in classic cars have not stopped. However, some activities that generate large accumulations of people have been suspended.

Tourists confess that they feel very calm, that there is obviously a concern in people, but that there is no panic or hysteria and that the workers of the centers act quite naturally.

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