Italian Tourist says she is in forced isolation in Cuba

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After presenting a little fever and treating it with paracetamol, the Italian tourist Marta Cavallo, along with her traveling companion Filippo Colotto, were taken to a nearby hospital to be tested for the disease COVID-19.

Despite tests being negative for the novel Coronavirus, Marta and her friend were hospitalized to be under epidemiological surveillance as 4 cases of Coronavirus in Cuba were reported a just few days ago.

From there they report the “terrible sanitary conditions of the hospital”, the little information that is provided and the lack of basic elements such as a spoon to drink the soup.

The tourist has published a claim for help on her Facebook page, she posted she wants to go home as soon as possible, that the situation in the hospital is desperate, she says feeling at the extreme of her physical and psychological forces. In addition, they denounced that despite having requested to speak with the doctors for hours, none have approached them.

Both tourists say that the authorities do not allow them access to the suitcases with which they traveled and that they are still wearing the clothes in which they were collected to take them to the hospital, they also declare that they are afraid of getting sick in the hospital.

The Italian agency Nova has reported last Sunday that Marta and Filippo will return to Italy this Tuesday.

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