Cuba sends Medical Aid to Italy



Italy requests Medical Aid from Cuba to fight the Coronavirus

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The health counselor for the Lombardy region has asked medical personnel from several countries, including Cuba.

The decree-law of the region will be modified to include the possibility of recruiting foreign doctors to face the virus since one of the main problems in this area is not having sufficient doctors to handle the situation.

The Health Minister in the region, Giulio Galera has communicated that it will be enough for the recruited doctors to be graduated in medicine by their countries of origin, without the need to approve their studies in Italy.

Lombardy is one of the regions most affected in Italy by the COVID-19 disease caused by the novel coronavirus, there are currently more than 11600 cases in this region and nearly 1000 people dead.

The region is still fighting the deadly pandemic, and they are testing an experimental drug used against arthritis; although patients treated with this drug have experienced only a slight improvement, the local government has faith that the evolution will be positive.

For its part, the Government of Cuba, expressed on March 14, its solidarity and total willingness to send doctors to the Italian region to combat the disease. The Coronavirus in Cuba seems to be under control as this country declared his first cases of contagion just few days ago, and up to day the situation is stable.


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