Tourists in Quarantine in Cuba



373 People in Quarantine in Cuba due to Coronavirus

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The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) has quarantined a total of 373 people, of whom 145 are tourists and the rest locals, in order to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus in Cuba.


Despite the fact that none of them have been positive for the Covid-19 test, specialists keep them in constant observation since some of these present symptoms very similar to those caused by the disease of the new coronavirus.


Those in quarantine also include people who had direct contact with the first coronavirus-infected patients.


For its part, the MINSAP has declared that it is prepared to deal with the disease since they have a very powerful antiviral that has been used previously in China and in Spain with good results, it is Interferon Alpha 2B.


Tourists in Quarantine in Cuba by Country

  • Italy: 22
  • EEUU: 13
  • Canada: 3
  • Germany: 3
  • Spain: 4
  • Mexico: 4
  • Argentina: 2
  • Equator: 2
  • France: 2
  • Switzerland: 2
  • Australia: 1
  • Belgium: 1
  • Brazil: 1
  • Nicaragua: 1
  • Panama: 1
  • UK: 1
  • Dominican Republic: 1


People in Quarantine in Cuba by Province

  • La Habana: 42
  • Villa Clara: 17
  • Santi Spiritus: 9
  • Cienfuegos: 9
  • Santiago de Cuba: 8
  • Matanzas: 5
  • Granma: 4
  • Camaguey: 3
  • Mayabeque: 2
  • Pinar del Rio: 1

The Number of People in Quarantine in Cuba amounts to 373 – March, 17th 2020


According to an article posted on the Cubadebate website, the number of people hospitalized with epidemiological surveillance for presenting symptoms similar to those caused by the disease COVID-19, would have increased to 373 yesterday, of which 145 are foreigners of different nationalities and 228 are Cubans.

More people in Quarantine in Cuba – March, 16th 2020


The number of people in quarantine in Cuba rises to 259 on suspicion of contagion of the novel Coronavirus. The new patients will be under epidemiological surveillance and will undergo various tests to determine whether or not they are positive for COVID-19 disease.


Despite the new admissions, the President of Cuba, Miguel Dias Canel, declared that to date there are no new cases of contagion of the virus on the island and that the 4 positive patients admitted to the IPK show a favorable evolution.


On the other hand, the president invited the people to listen less to the clandestine information on the networks and pay more attention to the information issued by the official media in Cuba.

Coronavirus in Cuba, Spread Map

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    March 16, 2020

    If Italians want help from Cuba for this Virus, then surely Cuba should request help with provisions from Italy. They are struggling with basic food and fuel, even paracetamol, so how about, you scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours xxx

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    March 17, 2020

    My sister is in Cayo Coco! it good there,

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    March 17, 2020

    Thank you, you’re absolutely right.

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    Garry Randall
    March 18, 2020

    Every country who has participated in the embargo against Cuba should be embarrassed and ashamed. You have been no less than cruel to a loving population. One that would accept a ship that everyone else turned away.


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