7 Tips for traveling to Cuba with children

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Traveling to Cuba always brings the packing dilemma, especially if you are going to do it with children.

Cuba is well known as a sun and beach destination. For that reason, swimsuits and sunscreen are usually the first items inside the suitcases, but there are some things that are not always considered, so we think these 7 tips can be useful:

1- Bring everything you know that is essential as it is.

Stores in Cuba are not exactly well stocked all the time. If your children need specific brands of cosmetic products such as sunscreen, Pampers, Dypers, medications, milk, porridge, etc., then you will have to bring them with you.

Either way if you want to be better prepared for the trip, you can read our post 24 Cuba Travel Tips You Should Know Before Going


2- What should we consume?

If your children are no longer babies, then you shouldn’t find big problems feeding them. In Cuba, you can find the basic food groups in restaurants, good enough to enjoy a good meal. Of course, you must be prepared for tasting unusual flavors, but… you have traveled kilometers to experience new sensations.

The great advantage is that most of the gastronomic products that you can find in private restaurants and hotels are fresh and 100% without chemical additives. Cuban Agriculture is very basic and many products, such as fruits, vegetables and greens are consumed only at the time of year in which they are harvested.


3- Hydration

Cuba is an extremely warm place, even in winter, so the conscious and constant hydration of those who visit us should be a priority.

It is important for children to consume as much bottled drinks as possible to avoid the classic stomach upset of the Tropics. If you are interested in discover the Hotel’s surroundings, we recommend you to carry a bottle of water with you.

Either way, in Cuban stores and cafeterias it is common to find local brands of bottled water, just try not to run out of any.



4- Baby Trolleys and carriers

It is increasingly common to see families with babies in trolleys and carriers, definitely these accessories are very comfortable for parents and children. Although you must remind that the models you choose to bring to Cuba should be as minimalist and simple as possible. In the heat of The Tropics sweat is more abundant and this could be the cause of redness or skin lesions.

In addition, throlleys with simple designs can be accommodated in the trunk of any car, so it will be easier for you to take them wherever you go, without great inconveniences.



5- Clothes and footwear

The clothes you select to visit the Caribbean should be always fresh, loose and light. You will realize that in this climate the right outfit is one that gives you freedom of movement and allows perspiration.

The footwear must maintain the same line: flexible, comfortable and easy to sanitize, suitable to face the beach and the heat.

If you are one of those who enjoy doing excursions, it is important to be aware that, in the country or even in urban centers, the streets are not always in good condition. Put aside the glamor of heels a bit and think about something sportier, we do not want that foot pain be the most remarkable result of your experience.

Regardless of the degree of sunscreen you wear, your outfit will not be complete without a good pair of sunglasses and a hat, you should always cover your eyes and face from the radiant sun.

6- Security

Cuba is one of the safest tourist destinations in the world, so although you are never 100% secure, the risk of suffering some kind of theft or scam is low and violent crimes are extremely rare.

Cubans are generally very hospitable and they love children. It will be very common for your children to receive gestures of kindness from the locals on the street. To learn more about the character and life of Cubans, we recommend our article “10 Experiences When Interacting With The Cuban People”.


7- Covid-19

Cuban population is quite healthy, in a general sense. Vaccination campaigns are common and Cubans receive many vaccines from early ages. It is difficult for your children to become infected with something dangerous when playing or interacting with local children.

The measures to prevent contagion with COVID-19 are the same in all places. Anyway, when you visit Cuba you can lower your guard a bit regarding the issue of diseases. In fact, on the island the percentage of chances of contagion with Covid-19 is very low, compared with the rest of the world.



Leaving home with your children is always a challenge, there are many pros and cons that must be analyzed, but knowing other ways of life and customs will broaden your children’s horizons in unexpected ways.These have been difficult times for all of us, in which being locked up has been the best way to preserve our existence. When you decide to give your family a little relaxation, we hope you take these tips into account so that your experience in Cuba is as pleasant as possible for each member of the family.



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