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Unique way to approach to an authentic cuban farm in the region of Vinales and discover the life of country people in the area. Join us in this great private Tour to Vinales departing from Havana or Varadero and get to know about what do they sow, how do they live, their customs and traditions. During this experience you will also have the opportunity of interact with all the routines in the farm, from milking a cow and rolling cigars to preparing a traditional Cuban lunch.


6:30 am

Vinales Tour Departing

Departing from Varadero: 6:30am (4 hrs drive to Vinales). Departing from Havana: 7:00 am (2 hrs drive to Vinales). Spectacular views and unique landscapes will escort you as you go.

Comfort break along the way.

10:00 am

Cuban Farm

Have the opportunity of learn about the local livestock, Cuban agriculture methods and participate in the activities of the farm. Participate in a milking the cow process by yourself, something to remember.
Have a unique opportunity of working in the tobacco fields, learn how to plant tobacco and recollect tobaccos leafs (subject to the season).

11:00 am

Farm Activities

Have the opportunity of feeding the farm animals, such chickens and free range pigs.
Learn how to roll tobacco leaves and have the great opportunity of rolling your own tobacco.

12:30 pm

Authentic cuban Lunch

Take part in the preparation of a traditional Cuban lunch, learn everything about the Cuban’s most popular condiments.
Enjoy a delicious traditional Cuban lunch with authentic Cuban coffee and natural juices.

2:00 am

Horseback Riding Time

Enjoy a horseback riding in the surrounding areas of the farm, amazing views of the valley.
Learn how to play number-nine dominoes, the most popular table game in Cuba.
Some other activities can be added and suggested by you or your tour guide.

4:00 pm

Drive back to your accommodation

Things to Know

  • We recommend to wear Light Clothes
  • Bring Water, it could be hot specially in summer
  • Don’t forget to come with a Camera!
  • Transportation available in Classic or Modern Cars
  • Distance from Havana to Vinales: 187km (1hr 47min)
  • Distance from Varadero to Vinales: 331km (3hr 23min)

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Pricing & Booking

Pax Price
2 passangers $180 per person
3 passangers $130 per person
4 passangers $100 per person
5 passangers or more Contact-Us
Pax Price
2 passangers $100 per person
3 passangers $70  per person
4 passangers $55  per person
5 passangers or more Contact-Us


Can I choose between a Vinage or Modern Car?

Yes, you can decide between a Vintage or Modern Car.

If I'm American citizen can I use your services?

Yes, we offer our services to us citizen on a daily basis, all of our tours/transfers fall under the “Support for the Cuban People” Visa Category to meet US regulations, each traveler is engaged in a full schedule of local education and cultural activities.

Does your tour qualify for People-To-People US rules?

Yes, it will fall under the “Support for the Cuban People” Visa Category to meet US regulations, each traveler is engaged in a full schedule of local education and cultural activities.

Can I change the date of my tour/transfer?

You can cancel or change your tour and/or transfer FREE of charge by sending us an email as soon as possible. Less than 48 hrs notice, we will do our best to reschedule your tour and/or transfer, all depending on availability.

How do i recognize my tour guide after I get off the ship?

Your Guide will be waiting for you at the Fountain of St Francisco of Assisi Square, which is located just in front of the Cruise Terminal, he/she will be holding a sign displaying your name.

Are you going to pick me up at the lobby of my hotel?

Yes, all our Classic and Modern Cars are taxis of Cubataxi agency, so we can always pick you up right at the lobby of your accommodation either in Havana, Varadero and any other in all Cuba.

What if disembarking of the ship is taking longer than anticipated?

Worry free! Your tour guide will still wait for you at the meeting point “St Francisco of Assisi Fountain”

Can I pay in any other currency but CUC?

Although we always prefer that you pay to us in CUC, you can also pay the equivalent in USD, EUR or GBP.

How do I exchange currency?

As soon as you arrive to Cuba you will be able to exchange your currency to CUC everywhere, at any bank on the streets, at the airport or even at the hotel’s reception. Anyway if you are in a Tour and you decide to exchange your money, our driver and guide can help you, by bringing you to a bank.

We are more than 4 people, do we need a second car?

Yes, you will need a second car, our Classic Cars hold a maximum of 4 passengers plus your private guide. In case you prefer to travel all together we can arrange a Minivan Modern Car as well.

Do I need to make reservations in advance?

YES, since our tours do sell out, we recommend making reservations in advance so that you will have the greatest selection of tours and times available.

Do I have to pay for booking a Tour/Transfer?

NO, You don’t need to pay nothing in order to book or cancel a Tour/Transfer. Anyway we would like to mention that we trust in the company-customer mutual respect policy and we hope you let us know as soon as possible in case of any cancellation once you have booked.

Are the Tours/Transfers Private?

Yes, all out Tours/Transfers are privates. You will be accompanied just for our driver and one of our tour guides.

Can I cutomize a Tour to fit my needs?

Yes. All our Tours follows a specific program, but is always customizable to what our clients wants to do. Basically you are the owner of the car, driver and tour guide for the period of time that the Tour last, so you can decide where to stop and when to keep moving.

Where can I find more about Vinale's History?

We highly recommend this wonderful article about that topic: Vinales History Facts and Timeline

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