Cuban expressions, a way of understanding our people.

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Cuba is an exceptional and different country for many reasons and you realize it from the first foot you put on the island until the last.

A spectacular rhythm, a magnificent architecture, an incomparable gastronomy, and a friendly people dedicated to tourists accustomed to expressing themselves without fear of being prejudged.

One of the most common elements, without a doubt of Cubans, are their expressions. They are many and varied and, no matter how well you master the Spanish language, it will be impossible for you to deduce them if they do not explain them to you in advance.

This little journey through the Cuban imaginary is nothing more than a small explanation of the vast diversity of vocabulary that Cuba possesses, an island that immerses you in another era, where the joy of its people is contagious and where you can enjoy wonderful beaches. , nature and an interesting history.

Here we present 26 of the most famous expressions of Cuba and that, if you visit the island, you will hear daily.

  1. Asere ¿Qué boolá?: It is a greeting like saying What’s up friend? or how are you?
  2. Ando a la mailó: Synonym of being relaxed, without worries. It also means to be naked.
  3. Coger botella: ask for a ride.
  4. Irse pa’l yuma: At first its meaning could be to travel to the US, but lately it has been used as a synonym for traveling abroad, whatever the country.
  5. Las tengo a pululu: When you hear this phrase it refers to the man who shows joy about the good state of “mood” of women towards him.
  6. Completo Camagüey: It refers to the fact that everything has finished, or the end of a task.
  7. Meter la cuchareta: interfere in some matter or conversation in which you should not.
  8. Ser un barco: leave everything for the last minute.
  9. Coger un diez: it means taking a break at work to come back to it later.
  10. Estás detrás del palo: It is used when someone is not aware of the latest news or does not know anything.
  11. Tener jeva: this expression is used when you start a relationship with a woman, that is, you have a girlfriend.
  12. ¡Ño!: It is used to show surprise as well as anger or resignation.
  13. Se quedó como la novia del pacheco…vestía y sin ir a la fiesta: Surely they have left you standing at some point. Well, in Cuba, if that happens, they use this funny expression.
  14. Caminar con los codos: It means being a stingy person.
  15. Tiene más rollo que película: It refers to people who talk a lot, but say very little.
  16. Amaneció con el moño virao:  Not everyone has a good awakening and for the Cuban people, those who do not wake up on the right foot, ¨amaneció con el moño virao¨ .
  17. Deja la muela: stop talking so much.
  18. Ser un quema’o: refers to that person who knows a lot about a subject and at the same time likes to talk about it.
  19. Chao pescao: means to say goodbye or see you later.
  20. Brother, consorte: when two people know each other very well, they refer to each other in this way.
  21. Almendrones: in reference to the shape of American cars that were fashionable in the 40s and 50s; so taking an almendrón is equivalent to taking a taxi. Also, cars are called “cars”, buses “guaguas” and their drivers “guagüero”.
  22. Dollar, chavito, pasta, plata, fula: refers to money either in CUP (the Cuban currency), such as USD, euro and other currencies.
  23. Tunturuntú: means disappear, go, get out of my sight.
  24. Estás en llama: it means to be an ugly person, in relation to appearance.
  25. Tremenda caña o mango: Here it is the opposite of the above, because it means being a beautiful, graceful person.
  26. Eso es más viejo que el Morro: Cubans use it when they refer to the degree of antiquity of things.

And now yes, we come to the end! This is just a little bit of the large number of popular Cuban phrases that we hear daily on the island. I hope you laughed at these funny Cuban sayings.

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