The worst mistake you can make is to visit Cuba and not taste a delicious Cuban rum.

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One of the things that you can not stop doing in your visit to Cuba is to enjoy the sweet, dry, and aged aroma of Cuban rum.

Drink born of sugar cane that over time has reached a privileged place in the economic and tourist gear of the island, and from which famous cocktails like Cuba Libre, Mojito and Daiquiri came to life.

It condenses the history, culture and the true essence of the Cuban. Hence, it is preferred by everyone who visits the island.

Read on to learn more about Cuban Rums.


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  • What is the history of Cuban rums?
  • What is the secret of the quality of Cuban rum?
  • What types of Cuban rums are there?
  • Where to buy these Cuban rums?
  • What should be taken into account when choosing a certain rum?


What is the history of Cuban rums?


Cuba’s rum and history are inseparable.

Their relationship began with the introduction of sugarcane by Christopher Columbus in the first years of his arrival in Cuba, his growth was mainly due to the tropical climate present on the island and the fertility of the soil.

And once grown the Spaniards used to produce a fermented called tafia, the ancestor of the rum that we know today.

The idyll lasted little: fearing that Spanish products lost their place in the market, the Crown prohibited the production of distillates in Cuba.

It was four centuries later (in 1800) that Pedro Diago -considered the father of the rum- introduced the copper stills and the idea of ??aging the brandy in wooden jars.

This is how a lighter rum called ‘superior rum’ came into being, with a refined taste (more subtle and caramelized alcoholic beating) that was popularized in the Spanish court and in the British colonies.

But this also did not last forever.

One hundred years later, many of the distilleries closed or moved after the revolution, as a result of the trade blockade that the United States imposed on Cuban products.

At this time only a couple of the distilleries remained: Legendary and Havana Club.

The second, above all, adopted the mission of defending the fame and quality of Cuban rum in the world.

And so they became very famous on the island.


What is the secret of the quality of Cuban rum?


Behind the secrets of Cuban rum, there is a man essential, the master, master and master of the winery, Master Ronero.

On one occasion, speaking as the First Master Ronero of Havana Club, José Navarro, he told us about his work and stated that in Cuban rum there was no secret in its manufacture.

Its quality is not due to a well-kept formula, only to “a culture inherited and transmitted from generation to generation, from Cuban to Cuban, from heart to heart …”.


What types of Cuban rums are there?


Today, in the international market, more and more prestigious rum brands of Cuban origin are bursting with increasing intensity, which stand out for their quality thanks to exquisite products, among which are:


  1. Havana Club:



Distributed by the French company Pernod-Ricard, the Havana Club brand is considered the best-known Cuban rum in the world and the main “raw material” of Cuba’s rich cocktail bar.

This brand has kept alive the art of aging. It is marketed on the entire planet.

Its emblem is La Giraldilla, a statuette also the symbol of the city of Havana.

It has a wide arsenal among the best known are:

  • Havana Club 3 Years widely used in the preparation of Cuban cocktails (Cuba Libre, Piña Colada, Mojito, Daiquiri, among others);
  • Havana Club Special, Havana Club 7 Years;
  • Havana Club Teacher Selection;
  • Havana Club 15 Years and
  • Havana Club Máximo (the most expensive manufactured by the brand so far).


2. Santiago de Cuba:



It is one of the oldest since it has a century and a half of creation and It belongs to the cradle of light rum par excellence and constitutes one of the most elitist and exclusive brands of Cuba.

It was the Bacardi rum factory before the Cuban revolution, intervened by the government in the first years; hence the conflicts that do not seem to reach the end between both brands.

In Cuba by seasons it is easy to find the Santiago de Cuba (white) but it is really difficult to find the Santiago de Cuba Añejo (dark)

THERE IF YOU FIND IT through the streets during your visit to the island do not hesitate to buy it, you will not regret .

The Santiago de Cuba 500 rum is one of the most exclusive spirits of the Corporación Cuba Ron S.A and Cuban rum in general.

This Rum, produced exclusively in the Ronera of Santiago de Cuba was registered as a Three-dimensional Mark in the trademark registration of the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union.


3. Legendary:


This brand was founded in 1946 and offers merchandise elaborated in the old style with the use of American oak barrels, the use of silica sand or the filtering from the double bottom of the tanks.

This line is somewhat sweeter compared to other types of rum in Cuba.

Among the most popular is the Legendary Elixir, which is similar to a liqueur although it does not stop being rum and the Legendary 7 Years equally exquisite.


4. Cubay:


This Cuban Rum, in the modality of Extra White White Card, has been awarded in international events, even in blind tastings where it has been successful as best White Rum, best Golden Rum and Premium Rum, first quality.


5. Mulata:


It is a mixture of spirits, demineralised water and additives, but its main ingredient is sugarcane whose rigorous selection has an impact on the optimum quality of the molasses.

Its manufacturer is Tecnoazúcar.

It constitutes another important line of rum, among them the Mulata Añejo 15 years.


6. Pearl of the North:



It is one of the youngest lines of rum on the island but paradoxically it is manufactured in one of the oldest rum factories in Cuba, the popularly known “Arrechavala” family name to which he belonged until the first years of the Cuban revolution when the factory was nationalized.

This famous rum factory for some years served as a refinery for Havana Club rum.

It is located in Cárdenas just 15 minutes from Varadero.


7. Arecha:


Founded in the 19th century, it accumulates the expertise of the best rum masters.

They maintain a tradition to elaborate it that dates back more than 80 years and still continues in force.

It also has a unique flavor from the region of the country where it is produced.


8. Edmundo Dantes:


Marked by the exclusivity and excellence of this drink native to eastern Cuba, only three thousand bottles are produced annually.

It leaves the palate a light vanilla taste and has a golden color that puts it on the list of the most appreciated rum industry products in the world.


9. Caney:


Also elaborated to the archaic method, it has its base in the sugar cane with the unique flavor of the eastern lands that gives rise to an unparalleled drink.

It is most popular in the eastern region of the country.


Where to buy these Cuban rums?


If you want to buy Cuban rums, you can go to any store in Havana and ask, usually there is always.

Another place, La Casa del Ron in Varadero, not only offers different varieties of Cuban rum, but also combines the pleasure of tasting good liquor with history.

What should be taken into account when choosing a certain rum?


There are many variants of rum: white, golden, aged, black, fruity, premium … and each of them has its peculiarities.


1. Ron Blanco


It is the most popular of all and due to the neutrality in its flavor, it is ideal to combine with soft drink, mineral water or fruit juice, which makes it the favorite of many when preparing a good cocktail or a refreshing mojito.


2. Golden Ron


Its flavor is usually stronger and more penetrating, which is why many experts use it to prepare a good free Cuba.


3. Ron Añejo


The aged rum is a little stronger and its flavors are more complex. When it is a good aged rum, it is recommended to take it alone, with an ice or a little mineral water.


4. Black Rum


Its time of aging in barrels is usually greater, hence the color so dark it acquires.

For many it is the rum that has more flavor, so it is recommended to take it alone, with a little water or a few drops of lemon.


5. Ron Gran Reserva or Premium


His name says it all.

It usually has a lot of character and at the same time softness.

The experts consider that this type of rums should never be mixed, since the elaboration of a rum of this quality has a special aging in reserved barrels of each distilling house.


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