Varadero, main tourist pole of Sun and Beach in Cuba.

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The extensive Peninsula of Hicacos has become one of the main tourist poles of the country because it hosts the most famous beach resort on the island.

An infinite range of beautiful, shallow beaches that have a perfect temperature for swimming and white sands ideal for those seeking perfect holidays make Varadero an unforgettable and unrepeatable destination.

Reason why it was awarded the second place in the list of the best beaches in the world, according to the Travelers’Choice 2019 awards, organized by the largest travel website TripAdvisor.

But Varadero is not only Sun and Beach, it has other attractions that make it unique.

Hence, traveling to Cuba and not visiting Varadero, would be total nonsense.


Aspects to be treated:


  1. How to get to Varadero?
  2. Interesting aspects about the city of Varadero
  3. Why is Varadero beach considered one of the best three beaches in the world?
  4. Varadero is only Sun and Beach?
  5. What else can be done in Varadero?
  • The Varadero Golf Club
  • Josone Park
  • House of the Rum
  • Craft Markets on First Avenue
  • Excursions to other places outside of Varadero

6. Where to stay once in Varadero?


How to get to Varadero?


Varadero is just over two hours from Havana, connected directly to the capital by Vía Blanca, a highway of excellent quality.

The services of taxis and buses go regularly from Havana to Varadero.

The price of taxis ranges between 90 and 120 CUC depending on the season, this according to travelers is the best way to travel since you can enjoy a beautiful ride along the north coast, passing through Matanzas.

Another way to go to Varadero is directly from the Juan G. Gómez Airport, a smaller airport that is barely 10 km from Varadero.


Interesting aspects about the city of Varadero:


Varadero is the main destination of Sol y Playa de Cuba.

It is around 22 kilometers long with white sands and crystal clear waters that envelop each of its visitors.

It has a dazzling landscape, a special atmosphere of bars and restaurants where you can taste the most delicious cocktails and delicious meals.

It has a feature that characterizes it and the difference from the rest: the cliffs of marine origin formed by successive waves, as wonderful as the beach itself.

It also has an underwater world as colorful as Cuban culture.

Hence, it is the perfect complement to any holiday itinerary.


Why is Varadero beach considered one of the best three beaches in the world?


The beach of Varadero has an extraordinary transparency.

They are warm and shallow waters, white sand and a sea of ??many different blues where sea birds flit under a radiant sun, has a beauty and extraordinary cleanliness.

Although some prefer to enjoy it from the surface in sailboats, catamarans or sailing tables ….

The fascinating thing is when you submerge yourself and let yourself be carried away by the current.

On the seabed of Varadero you can see diversities of corals, fish, lobsters, shrimps, crabs, loggerheads and different types of molluscs that will cause the amazement of even the most experienced diver.

Such is the case of Playa Coral, which has one of the largest coral reefs in the country where you can enjoy more than 50 species of coral and more than 50 species of fish.

But, diving has its main course in the so-called Blue Hole Ojo del Mégano, a huge cavern 70 meters in diameter, where coral barriers and enormous schools of multicolored fish prevail.

Likewise, the Cayo Piedras del Norte marine park is located, the first and only attraction of its existing type that occupies an area of ??two nautical miles square.

Marinas such as Chapelin, Dársena de Varadero and Gaviota guarantee the conditions and means for the practice of immersionism, with appropriate boats, trained personnel, dive teaching centers, hyperbaric chambers and the necessary transportation for any emergency.


Varadero is only Sun and Beach?


Well, no.

Only those who visit the city for the first time confuse this Caribbean island as an exclusive destination for sun and sand.


What else can be done in Varadero?


One of the best things about this coastal city is the wide range of activities on offer, there is plenty to entertain travelers of all ages whether young, old or elderly.

In the city you can listen to the famous band Buena Vista Social Club in one of the rooms of the Plaza América Convention Center, get to know the Tropicana Varadero or the Continental Cabaret with its show of Cuban rhythms.

In the evening you can go to La Casa de la Música located in Varadero (Calle 42), here they offer live music and have the opportunity to practice some salsa steps.

Once the show ends, a DJ takes the stage to put the best lists of songs updated.

Other popular options include La Rumba, La Bamba, Pirate Cave, La Comparsita and Habana Café.


If you want you can go to:


The Varadero Golf Club


It is the only golf club in Cuba.

It has an 18-hole course with different levels of difficulty, some of them facing the ocean.

When visiting, in addition to playing a round of this relaxing sport, you will meet the splendid clubhouse known as “Villa Du Pont”, a hacienda-style mansion built in 1928 by Irénée du Pont, an American businessman of great influence in the city.

The village, also known as Xanadu, has been preserved as a time capsule, manifested in its fine decoration, exquisite furniture and ancient paintings.

Located on the top of a cliff offers the best views of the sea.


Josone Park


This huge garden located in the center of the city is a great option to take a walk with family and friends.

The Josone Park is an especially romantic place.

Here you can find different types of birds native to the region, as well as playgrounds, craft shops, cafes, restaurants and bars.

It also has a small lake on which you can navigate in boats.

To visit it is to stop in time in an atmosphere full of magic and colors.


House of the Rum


Located in the center of the city of Varadero, the store known as the House of Rum is a must for all lovers of Cuban drink and for those who are interested in learning about the different varieties of rum.

Here you can enjoy a variety of liqueurs, which are also offered for sale, with different types of cigars and coffee.

A large model at the entrance, allows you to learn about the traditional process of making rum, representing the different places of storage and distillery.

You can also appreciate a beautiful sculptor of the Greek god of wine who welcomes visitors.


Craft Markets on First Avenue


Another activity that you can not stop doing in Varadero is the purchase of handicrafts and souvenirs typical of the region, among which are the famous Cuban cigars and wood crafts.

Although within Varadero, there are several places to buy, for its variety and prices, the best alternatives are concentrated in the artisanal markets of the city center.


Excursions to other places outside of Varadero


The excursions include excursions to the city of Havana, this is the most liked by customers because of its proximity to the capital of the island.

Excursions are also offered to Matanzas, the Zapata Swamp with the very famous Bay of Pigs and the largest crocodile farm in Cuba and the Caribbean; Long Beach and the Saturno Caves.


A catamaran trip to Cayo Blanco and swimming with dolphins are particularly popular options.

If you are a lover of excursions, you can visit the Bellamar Caves in Matanzas.

This is considered one of the most beautiful underground caverns of Cuba, with a set of galleries that cover about 23 kilometers in length, covered by stalactites and stalagmites.

In addition to a large number of crystal formations transparent and shiny appearance.

Among its galleries, highlights the beauty of the “Manto de Colón”, the largest and oldest, reaching 12 meters high.


Where to stay once in Varadero?


If you want to enjoy Varadero even more, do not hesitate to stay more days.

It can be in a hostel, or in the different hotels that exist in the city, all with excellent attention and spectacular beauty.

But I recommend the Ocean Vista Azul Hotel, 5 star hotel, all inclusive.

Located on the beach of Varadero, on a cliff with stunning views of the sea.

It has a spectacular infinity pool, spacious and bright rooms, themed restaurants, the Despacio Beauty Center, Privilege service and Exclusive Rooms and Services.


Recommended for families, couples, weddings and honeymoons.

Everything you need to relax and feel at home.



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