Cuban Habanos, something that you should taste in your visit to Cuba.

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Cuba is not only recognized worldwide for its beautiful beaches, for its colonial architecture, for the exquisiteness of its cocktails but also for the freshness and quality of its tobacco.

This is because it has the best technique to prepare cigars, and its texture, aroma and taste are unique among many, so they meet the standard for the most refined tastes in the world.

Hence, they are considered without discussion as the best of their kind on the planet and claimed by the most demanding markets, mainly due to an increasing quality and novelty.


If you are a lover of Cuban cigars, read on, I can guarantee that you will find very curious data that you probably did not know.


Data to be treated:

  1. How did the Habano in Cuba?
  2. What are the best brands of cigars in Cuba?
  3. How to recognize the authenticity of the Habano?
  4. What should be taken into account when choosing a Cuban Habano?
  5. How to make the cut to a Cuban Habano?
  6. Where to buy Habanos in Cuba?
  7. What are the prices of Cuban Habanos?
  8. How to preserve the Habanos?


How did the Habano in Cuba?


Tells the story that tobacco arrived in Cuba by the year three thousand before our era.

It is also said that our aborigines, mostly composed of the so-called Indian Taíno, gave the plant healing properties and a role determinant in social, political and religious ceremonies.

Then with colonization, the tobacco plant spread throughout the world, instantly unleashing a strong passion for it. Spain quickly figured among the countries with the highest number of followers.

Later it spread to other parts of Europe, where the most serious sanctions against tobacco were established.

The first factories of the cigar appeared in 1676 in Spain and by 1731 the factories of the royal cigars had been established there.

Italian ports in Venice and Genoa became key points for transporting cigars to central Europe and Russia.

During this period, the leaf grown in Cuba was being transported to Spain to become pure. When they realized that the cigars of Havana survived the transatlantic trip much better than the leaf itself, cigar factories were born in Cuba.

Tobacco intensified its value.


What are the best brands of cigars in Cuba?


  1. Partagas

Partagas was announced in 1845 by its creator Jaime Partagás.

It is a brand of Cuban cigars that belongs to the national company Habanos S.A. administered by the Cuban state for the production and commercialization of tobacco in the region.

It is recognized for its fine cigars, without doubt the size of many, also recognized worldwide.

In any of its presentations, the layer of Partagas cigars is generally light colored.


  1. Cohiba

Cohiba became known in Cuba for the year 1966, and since then it has remained among the favorites by many.

It is a brand of cigars made in the region ‘Vuelta Abajo’, has the best vitolario in the world and is characterized by its great strength and the flavor of cigars.

He has obtained great recognition and the best scores in international competitions.


  1. Punch

It is another of the great brands of Cuban tobacco, which has great international prestige and is one of the most traditional and ancient in Cuba. Its quality and presence make it one of the most sought after in the old continent, especially in the United Kingdom.


  1. Montecristo

It has its beginnings in Cuba for the thirties.

They are characterized by being strong cigars, with a dark Carmelite layer and with a great strength present in their traditional formats.

It is one of the best brands of cigars in Cuba, and the one that sells the most, especially the No. 4, and are characterized by having a somewhat spicy flavor.


  1. H. Upmann

It is one of the oldest cigar brands in Cuba founded by the brothers August and Hernan Hupmann, in 1844, and for years they have maintained the tradition of creating cigars of the best quality internationally.

At present, it has two factories: one in Cuba and another in the Dominican Republic, to serve the North American market.

It is easily recognized by its particular smell that conceals a mixture that for many experts is the best.


  1. Romeo and Julieta

This brand has its beginnings for 1878.

It became known worldwide for the twentieth century, has a somewhat classic flavor, especially because it has a very distinctive aroma that is mixed with the leaves of gut and cloak.

They are globally recognized for being a quality brand.


How to recognize the authenticity of the Habano?

Check the Guarantee Seal or label that the box has, it will always be located on the upper left side, approximately in the middle of the shield, subtracting 3 or 6 mm at the edge of the housing.

Take a good look at the silkscreen of the vitola, the fakes of homemade printers are quite good but, if you look closely, the authentic vitolas have to match the pattern of the serigraphy with the relief.

This element is important, since it has 2 security conditions, to guarantee that you obtain legitimate Habanos.

The first is that it is made on special synthetic paper, with numerous characteristics that make it unique and with protection against photocopies or scans.

And the second is that it has a unique barcode for each box.


What should be taken into account when choosing a Cuban Habanos?


All five senses are required when choosing a Habano.

The coat should please the eye. You may prefer a light color or perhaps a ripe or dark one.

Either way, the color should be uniform throughout the Habano and the layer sheet should have some luster.

If you notice any white or green spots, these are natural effects, which appeared during the growth or healing processes.

None of them affects the quality of the Habano.

Touch the Habano gently, pressing it lightly between your thumb and forefinger to verify its condition.

You should notice it firm but not hard to touch it.

Enjoy the aromas that always constitute a foretaste of the flavors that you will later enjoy.

Flavor can only be assessed when smoking.


How to make the cut to a Cuban Habano?


The cut should be made just above the line where the cap joins the layer.

In order to create an opening wide enough to ensure a proper shot, while ensuring that a part of the knob remains, to prevent the layer from falling off.

There are several instruments that can perform the cut.

It is usually used a guillotine with one or two leaves.

There are also special scissors for Habanos.

Another is the die (or bullet) cutter with its circular blade: it removes a section of the Habano knob, and has the advantage of preserving the shape of that knob although it has several limitations, as in the case of figured Habanos .


Where to buy Habanos in Cuba?


When you are visiting the island, and you want to taste a quality Habano, you should buy it only in official stores.

Otherwise you risk being cheated.

There are several places where you can buy Habanos, one of them are the official shops of the hotels.

Here you will not only find your authentic Habano but also special spaces to fully enjoy it, such as the Meliá Cohiba, Meliá Habana hotels, the Habana Libre Hotel, the National Hotel and in Santiago de Cuba, La Casa del Habano at the Meliá Hotel Santiago.

Another option is to buy in the stores that are in the city of Havana.

El Corrojo Tobacco Shop, located at the Meliá Cohiba Hotel.

“La Corona” Tobacco Factory, located in Agramonte between Colon and Refugio, Old Havana.

La Casa del Habano 520, located in the Partagás factory, Industria street # 520 e / Dragones and Barcelona, ​​Old Havana.


What are the prices of the boxes of Cuban Habanos?


The most sold and preferred by everyone who visits the island, ranging between 90 and up to 500 dollars, depending on the brand.

  • R and J (Romeo and Juliet) Exhibit No. 4 is priced at $ 90.
  • Hole Epicure No. 1 (SLB) costs $ 109.
  • Montecristo Special Nº2, $ 120 and Montecristo Petit EDMUNDO, $ 208.
  • Juan Lopez Selectos Nº2, at the price of $ 118.
  • Habano Punch Churchill can buy it at the price of $ 143.
  • The Double Crowns Hole costs $ 154 and The Hoyo des Dieux Cabinet costs $ 155.
  • At the price of $ 170 you can enjoy a Punch Punch SBN 25.
  • The famous Partagas Series D N’4 SBN 25 has a price of $ 190.
  • Bolivar Giants SBN 25, $ 250.
  • Two varieties of Cohiba, the first Cohiba Siglo III costs $ 167 and the Cohiba Esplendidos Var 25, $ 490.


How to keep the Habanos?


They can be stored for up to 15 years if they are kept at a temperature between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 65 to 70 percent.

If it gets wet it will not turn on, if it dries it will have a spicy flavor so it is advisable to have a Humidor at hand.

Humidors are the best tool to keep the cigar, it can be a box, a cabinet or even a complete room, specially designed and containing a source that generates or controls humidity.

Therefore, the temperature should be kept as constant as possible and the humidity controlled.


I hope that this small document has been useful, and remember that there is no better place than Cuba to taste an authentic Habano.


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