Casa Particulares in Havana



Casa Particulares in Havana

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Casa Particular is a Spanish expression that generally signifies “private home” yet the term is perceived worldwide as private convenience or accommodations in Cuba. The plural of casa specific is casa particulares, not casa particulars as it is observed now and again.

This article will tell you all about you need to know about casa particulares like what is casa particular? Can you benefit from them? Are they legal? Where can you find them? Is it safe? And the top 10 amazing casa particulares to choose from if you’re planning a trip in near future to visit the amazing and picturesque capital of Cuba, Havana.

It is very common for those visiting Havana on day trip, to find a wonderful city and full of countless attractions, like the Top 10 Things to do in Havana. In addition to being the capital of all Cubans, Havana is also a safe distance from other places of great interest, such as Varadero, Trinidad and Viñales. That is why many tourists decide to stay several days here.


“Casa particular” actually signifies “private house” however it began to signify “private lodgings” in 1997 when the Cuban government at last permitted Cubans to lease rooms in their homes or condos to visitors. As in some other sort of stay in Cuba, for example, inns, campouts, and guesthouses were possessed by the governing body, the expression “casa particular” indicates that this sort of paid housing was operated privately. Cuban families, urged by the need to explore new sources of imbursements, offered amicable friendliness to please in the most ideal manner concerning their visitors.

The family is consistently there to assist you with excursions and visit with you, still, they don’t interfere in your privacy. Don’t expect that since you’re residing in a casa particular that you’ll be required to spend time with the family every minute of every day. They need you to get out and explore their city and besides certain meals like morning breakfast and dinners, you’ll be left alone to yourself.

Traditional Living Room
Traditional Living Room

Why Stay in a Casa Particular?

There is no preferable method to know about Cuba than to stay and spending time with Cubans. A stay in a Cuban casa particular will let you cooperate effectively with your Cuban host and add to their salary, instead of the Government run inns. Picking casa particular convenience will give you within track on where you should go to see a greater amount of genuine Cuba.

Cuba makes it troublesome if certainly not feasible for her residents to leave and travel the world, not least in light of financial terms most are in, accommodating in a Casa Particular enables the Cuban individuals to communicate with individuals of the world without leaving their own home.

Having a stay in a Casa Particular encourages you to associate with the individuals of Cuba who have their ear to ground as to current circumstances, similar to the Cuban Fuel Shortage of 2019 – this is what you ought to do in case you will be there during that time.

Also the guesthouses in Havana function as a starting point for those who want to make a Day Trip from Havana to Vinales or prefer to spend a day on a beautiful beach by doing a Tour from Havana to Varadero.

Types of Casa Particulares

Although the term was initially intended to allude to the private rental of extra rooms by Cubans, it has extended to incorporate entire houses and lofts, studio condos offering a different passageway, extravagance penthouses, and small scale lofts as well. At the end of the day, pretty much any type of accommodation on the island which isn’t an inn.

Since each casa is exclusive, every one of them is unique as well, diverse in amenities and services. Some are fairly basic, while others can match up top-end attractive little inns anywhere on earth with the nature of stay they offer. Regardless of whether rooms accompany a private restroom is subject to the specific particular selected. The same can be said for each other convenience you may be expecting or searching for. Similarly, a few proprietors will offer food while others may not. Deciding on an economical option doesn’t mean you’re imperiling neatness. Indeed, even the least expensive of casas will be perfectly spotless and incorporate a bed, cabinet and seat, on account of the house-glad nature of Cubans. Better quality casas can be decked out a lot of like a lodging with a phone, satellite TV and a small bar, just as cooling and fine stylistic layout.

Numerous casas will likewise offer further facilities at an additional expense. Home-prepared meals are frequently accessible for lunch and supper, as are cloth washing services, and stogie buys.

Following are the main types of Casa Particulares:

  • Private room
  • Apartment
  • Studio Apartment
  • Villa

Where They Are Located

Casas Particulares are found in almost every town in Cuba. They can be at anyplace e.g. somebody retains a home, so you’ll see them along central avenues, roadside alleyways, and on highways.

Cost of Casa Particulares in Havana

Travel sites and manuals place the regular cost between 15 to 30 CUC however that isn’t actually precise, prices vary upon the area, facilities, season and fame of the casa.

When casas become popular, they as a rule raise their luxuries and their base cost, in Viñales, e.g., you can discover from a modest casa beginning at $15 per space to VIP dwelling for as high as $120 per room, and it is the same for each area in Cuba.

You can rely on a rate somewhere in the range of 25 and 50 CUC per room for each night. Breakfast ought to associate with 5 CUC per individual and supper around 10 CUC.

The cost relies upon the season wherein you travel to Cuba. In the low season this can be somewhere in the range of 20 and 25 CUC. Also, in the primary season somewhere in the range of 25 and 30 CUC. In urban communities, for example, Havana, Trinidad and Varadero where the tourism has increased a lot. Charges from 35 to 45 CUC are the standard.

The charges incorporate cleaning. Furthermore, the bed material, towels, cleanser and bathroom tissue. The cost additionally relies upon the period that you remain in 1 and the equivalent casa. Casas regularly give an extraordinary discount for staying more than 2 or 3 weeks.

The size of the house is additionally significant at the cost. The bigger the house, the more the casa proprietor needs to pay charges to the state. This tax must be paid ahead of time. What’s more, won’t be repaid if the casa specific turns out not to be leased.

Patio of a hotel in Havana
Patio of a hotel in Havana

Casa Particular in Comparison to a Hotel

As we have discussed above, a casa particular is claimed by a private Cuban resident. They will in general be less expensive than lodgings, which are especially costly in Cuba. Lodgings in Cuba are state-owned and usually needing renovating. Whereas Casa Particulars are exclusive and kept up, to be better retained thoroughly clean.

The facilities that you’ll get in a casa particular will be greatly improved in as compared to a hotel or lodging. The Cuban host needs great audits, a solid inspiration for incredible client assistance. Cuban hosts of Casa Particulars similarly can add to their pay by offering additional types of assistance. They’ll offer you breakfast and every now and then a supper. Need a taxi to the Viazul bus stop? Or on the other hand the air terminal? Need to book a visit? In the event that your host can’t oblige you, it is guaranteed that they know somebody who can. Furthermore, as Cuba is essentially a money society once you’re there, it can add altogether to their revenue.

Conversely, the staff at Cuban run inns are paid a low pay, with next to zero expansion. That impolite and ignorant service you’re getting, it’s just due to the way that the normal pay in Cuba was 777 CUP equivalent of USD $29 in 2018 (source Trading Economics).

Dinner room of a hostel in Habana Cuba
Dinner room of a hostel in Habana Cuba

Are Casa Particulars Safe to Stay

Crime percentage is low in Cuba. Arms carrying crime is essentially non-existent. However, you should take all the necessary cautionary measures with your possessions. You’ll feel that all your belongings are safe, as a tourist you will have a sense of security and that the security of the casa particulares you’ll probably stay in will be the same as compared to the rest of the world.

You have to give your visa when book a casa particular, it’s a prerequisite that your host registers you with the nearby migration office.

Many tourists generally travel with a “handy safe”, and lock their assets into when they don’t need them.

Facade of a Building in Cuba
Facade of a Building in Cuba

Finding Casas

After arriving in Cuba and strolling to find out the major attractions. Somebody will stop you and inquire as to whether you need assistance/need to purchase stogies! Drop the stogie offer however inquire as to whether they can assist you with finding a casa.

They’ll take you to a companion’s casa gratis. Installment will be made by the casa proprietor as commission. You will encounter this trade all over Cuba for several facilities, for example, taxis, classic vehicle tours, bicycle rental, and so on.

When you are in a casa, the host can recommend casas in the following town you are proceeding onward to. They have a setup of associates who look out for each other.

Probably this sounds strange to you however, it is the standard for the travel industry in Cuba. Still, you would like to truly observe casas and read surveys before you go you could look at Airbnb.

Most of casa proprietors don’t know English. Work on your Spanish for a better understanding before you go.

Top 10 Casa Particulares in Havana

If you’re planning to visit Havana, Cuba you’ll be wondering what will be the best casa for you that is suitable for you and your family thus, following is a list of top 10 Casa Particulares in Havana:

  1. Casa de Lulu
  2. Suite Havana
  3. Casa Concordia
  4. Estancia Bohemia
  5. Hostal del Angel
  6. Casa 1932 Habana
  7. Casa de Jorge Coalla Potts
  8. Casa de Marta Vitorte
  9. Casa Elaine Colonial Guesthouse
  10. Casa de Maria Elena


  1. Casa de Lulu

This abode offers an extraordinary area on the edge of Vedado, and captivating sea views over the Malecon from the gallery. Lourdes, or Lulu as she likes to be known, is a thoughtful host loaded with advise and recommendations on what to see and do, and she can also speak in four dialects.


  1. Suite Havana

Another Old Havana loft in an incredible area, this chic spot is finely maintained and has two triple spaces for up to six tourists. You can get the entire spot for four tourists for £350. Breakfast, cleaning service and one hour of Wi-Fi for every day are incorporated in the charges.


  1. Casa Concordia

Binge on this extravagance three-room loft, organized and planned by two modelers. The entire spot is awesome, and at £119 every night it’s not very costly in the event that you go as a gathering. It’s situated in Centro Habana.


  1. Estancia Bohemia

Banging in Old Havana, this boutique leasing is in an incredible area. You can get your condo for around £170 every night, or a suite room for around £60 every night. It’s a moderately new spot yet it’s incredible for the individuals who need to ensure they can book convenience online before they travel.


  1. Hostel del Angel

An outright deal at £28 per room every night, this Old Havana property has been affectionately outfitted with stunning collectibles. The two rooms have washrooms and galleries with mesmerizing views over the plaza beneath.


  1. Casa 1932 Habana

All of the three rooms in the house are accessible for around £28 every night. It’s in Centro Habana, a coarse region that is flawlessly set between the Old Town and Vedado. The porch is an extraordinary spot to appreciate a loosening up sunset.


  1. Casa de Jorge Coalla Potts

This spot gets rave surveys, because of the endeavors of hosts Jorge and Marisel to make tourists feel at home. It’s two or three traffic lights from the notable Habana Libre Tryp inn in Vedado, so you’ll generally have the option to discover your direction home. Rooms are accessible for around £28 per night.


  1. Casa de Marta Vitorte

This fourteenth-floor condo has four rooms and astonishing wraparound windows offering stunning perspectives over the city. Host Marta is conversant in English and offers spaces for around £28 every night.


  1. Casa Elaine Colonial Guesthouse

There are five rooms accessible in this big house, all of which have high roofs and agreeable goods. It’s around £28 every night for a room and there are two living rooms for unwinding after a long haul of strolling around the nearby Vedado neighborhood.


  1. Casa de Maria Elena

If you’re a peace lover and need more privacy and calm, head out to this house in Siboney. It’s distant from the visitor hotspots, in a region where representatives and their families live, so you’ll have to get around in taxis. Then again, you’ll find a good pace exquisite pool, a casual environment and some refined neighborhood cafés.


Cuba’s casas particulares offer explorers a moderate and socially comprehensive spot to remain. They are accessible wherever you go and are an astounding decision for a wide range of explorers. At the point when you stay at one of these casas, you’re helping bolster independently employed Cubans and are empowering a more privatized Cuban economy. As you advance over the island, you’ll enhance your social comprehension by staying in the homes of Cubans.

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