Cuba News

Cuba News

How is Cuba preparing for the Omicron variant to receive international tourism?

It has happened to you that you want with all your might to travel to the island, but you are afraid of being infected or that perhaps the conditions or measures to prevent such spread do not exist; If you want to know how Cuba prepares for your arrival, stay and you will finally know […]

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Actions for the reopening of Hotels in Cuba

Cuba offers a safe alternative for truism and the time has come to say good bye to those sad days of a forced lockdown.

Our new 7 days Round Trip in Cuba

Havana 60’s 7 days ROUND TRIP journeys through the most authentic colonial, historical & natural sites of Western and Central Cuba. We aim to give you an approach to the heart of our culture, our roots and ordinary life, a unique perspective and understanding of this intriguing island and its people.