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Tropicana Havana: A Paradise Under Stars

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The Tropicana Havana Show is easily the most popular cabaret in Cuba and one of the shows that will have the most impact on your life, dancers, traditional Cuban clothes and salsa everywhere are some of the outstanding things you will experience that night in which you decide to visit the show.

We know that if you are reading this, it is because you are considering visiting the show, that is why in this article we share valuable information for you to make the best decision and make your experience the best.

Havana Tropicana Show from Varadero

If you are spending your vacations in Varadero and enjoying the tropical paradise that its beautiful beaches offer, but you do not want to miss the Paradise Under the Stars offered by the Tropicana Show, then we offer you our Havana Tropicana Tour from Varadero, in which not only will you enjoy the show at night, but we will do a personalized tour in a classic car during the day through the most beautiful places in Havana.

Where is the Tropicana Club Havana located?

The exact address of the Cabaret is 72 e / 45 and Línea del Ferrocarril, Marianao, Havana. Cuba. It opens 7 days a week (Monday to Sunday) and the opening time is from 8:30 pm until 12:30 am, although the show starts at 10:00 pm.

What is the Tropicana Havana Show about?

Well, we can write a complete article describing what is the Tropicana Show in Havana about, but we believe that the best way for you to understand it, is to see it by your own eyes. Enjoy the video 🙂

How much Tropicana Havana tickets cost?

The entrance tickets fee is $75 CUC, $85 CUC and $95 CUC per person, depending on the position of the seat’s row and is normal to think that the $95 CUC option is the best deal since it is located on the 1st or 2nd Seat’s row, well… it’s not! It is true that the seat’s row for this option is the 1st and the 2nd but not because of that you will have the best appreciation of the show. Definitely book the $85 CUC option, seat’s row is the 3rd and 4th and from there you will have a better spot.

1st Row of Seats
2nd Row of Seats (BEST OPTION)
3rd Row of Seats

How to book the Tropicana Show in Havana?

Book online! Many people wait until the same time to book the Tropicana Show, and I must say that the most of the time it works, we just go to the Cabaret early in the morning and our clients buy the entrance tickets without major problems, but it has happened that the place was already overbooked for the night. And after traveling from Varadero or from Vinales to see the show, it would not be the best idea just “to come back tomorrow”.

If booking the Tropicana Show might seems kind of expensive, in the latest section of this post we will share with you an alternative 😉

What is the Dress Code for the Cabaret?

Long pants are mandatory for gentlemen! I know, this may not be useful advice for most of you, since you may think “that is understood”, but you will not believe how many times our tour guide has had to give his pants to some of our clients so these can get into the Cabaret, so do not forget the long pants and closed shoes.

Girls you can go any way you like 😉

What does Reviews says about Tropicana Havana?

cuban dancers performing a show

Yes, we know that the show is spectacular, that it is a must and all this. But what do those who have gone say? What are your rankings for this show?

Well, the main social network that classifies the show is Tripadvisor with a rating of 4 out of 5, based on 3055 traveler reviews. Google gives it a score of 4.5 out of 5 based on 127 reviews. Facebook classifies it in 4.7 of 5 based on 124 comments of travelers and finally, Holiday Check classifies the Cabaret with 5.1 of 6.

  • Tripadvisor
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Holiday Check

What is the Alternative for the Tropicana Havana Show?

Buena Vista Social Club would be your option number 1 if the Tropicana Havana Cabaret is not of your choice. The Cabaret show is kind of expensive and sometimes is overbooked.

In such cases our suggestion is to go for the Buena Vista Social Club, we actually have had clients who have visited both places and they have confessed to us that Buena Vista was just better.

The entrance fee for Buena Vista is $60 CUC per person and it includes the dinner, now in comparison with the dinner of the Tropicana, this one is just delicious as the Buena Vista Social Club Show takes place in El Guajirito Restaurant.

If you are considering to visit the Show then I would like to invite you to take a look at our Havana Tropicana Tour, we propose a full-day tour from Varadero or Havana driving one of our beautiful Classic Cars and discovering the top places and things to do in Havana. Our team is going to wait for you until the show has finished and then, drive you back to your accommodation.

Chevrolet 1957

Havana Tour

Cayo Santa Maria


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