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How to go from Havana to Varadero in 2018

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Probably you have spend a couple of days in the capital of Cuba already, and now you think it is time to go from Havana to Varadero and relax in one of the most beautiful beaches of the World. The location of Varadero offer the perfect spot for that. The question is: How to get there? Is better to take a Bus. Maybe you should a take Taxi? What about a Classic Car? Where to stop on the way? Where to stay in Varadero? In this post we will talk all about it.



How to get to Varadero from Havana

  • Take the Bus
  • Take the Taxi
  • Booking a Transfer with us
  • Where to stop on the way to Varadero?


What are the best places to stay in Varadero

  • Best hotels in Varadero
  • Best B&Bs in Varadero



Although there are several bus stations in Havana, just one is designated for tourist, which is located at the corner of Ave. 26 and Zoológico in Nuevo Vedado.

Booking Online

As first option I better suggest to book the tickets for bus online. Viazul is the only cuban bus agency which has a booking system online in order to make reservations. You just need to visit and fill the booking form, the Transfer from Havana to Varadero cost $10 CUC per person, you have to pay online with your credit card and it is mandatory to book always with at least three days in advance. Of course the buses from Viazul departs from the Viazul terminals at the bus stations, so you have to take a taxi to get you there.


Here is the direct link for the Transfer Havana to Varadero:

Bus Station

You you can take a taxi from your accommodation and go directly to the bus station to wait until the next bus with destination to Varadero departs, the price for tourist is $10 CUC, but you would be subject to availability. In the other hand a taxi from your accommodation to the bus station cost around $20 CUC depending how far your hotel/hostel is from the terminal.bus to varadero from havana cuba


Herewith the departing hours:

Route: Havana to Varadero

Depart Habana        Arrive Varadero        Price


  • 08:00                11:00                     10.00 CUC
  • 10:00                13:05                     10.00 CUC
  • 12:00                15:05                     10.00 CUC
  • 17:00                19:50                     10.00 CUC



Talking directly with the bus driver

As a final option I would suggest jut to stay in the lobby of your hotel in Havana, and ask to the driver of every bus that comes if they are heading to Varadero. The drivers are not allow to take tourist without a Voucher into the bus, so you better offer them a good “tip” to let you drive with. You can offer them up to $15 CUC per person, is more expensive than booking online but then you depart directly from your accommodation and you don’t need to pay a taxi to get to the bus station.



  • cheaper
  • air conditioned



  • you have to pay for taxi to go from your accommodation in Havana to the bus station
  • you have to pay another taxi to go from Varadero bus station to your accommodation
  • long drive (up 3 hours driving)
  • no chance to stop to see or photograph something of your interest




In the lobby of your in havanahavana to varadero taxi

If you are staying at a hotel in Havana, then you would be able to catch one of taxis waiting outside of the lobby, at this place you can find either modern taxis or classic cars taxis. Sometimes the classics are outside of the hotel, by the main gate, and not right at the lobby, so if you want to get one of this just walk a couple of steps further and ask them to get into the lobby for picking up your luggage. All taxi waiting at the lobby of hotels in Havana belongs to Cubataxi agency, which is the official taxi agency in Cuba, and although the maximum price that the agency has set for a transfer from Havana to Varadero is $90 CUC, all drivers can ask you for the price the consider more convenient for them. So, to pay up to $110 CUC for a Transfer to Varadero is not that bad, specially if it is very early in the morning or very late at night and there is not another taxi around with a better offer.


**Tip: Try always to negotiate the price with the driver, even if they are offering you a good one. It always works.


  • the cars are right outside of your hotel waiting at your service
  • 1 hour 50 min Transfer (direct)
  • air conditioned



  • the price is variable from $90 CUC to $120 CUC
  • drivers always speed
  • no chance to stop to see or photograph something of your interest






Why us?


Booking a Transfer from Havana to Varadero with us is the best way to get there. Why? Because we are classify by Tripadvisor as ranked #1 Transportation in Varadero, because you can book right now, is free! There is no cancellation policy fee. Our drivers would be at your disposal any time, so we can stop for photos or “Piñas Coladas” on the way from Havana to Varadero. You can choose for a Vintage Car with air conditioned or Modern Car, and all our cars belongs to Cubataxi Agency. Our price is fixed at $100 CUC, and you just pay once you arrives to your destination.


booking a transfer with us in vintage car

Request a Transfer with us



  • classic and modern cars (up to your choice)
  • air conditioned
  • customizable  transfer
  • good comfort
  • fixed price
  • no booking or cancellation fee



  • you have to make the reservation with at least 12 hour in advance




Bacunayagua Bridge

There are several places where to stop on the way from Havana to Varadero, as “El Peñon del Fraile” or Cafeteria “El Palmar”, but all these places are mostly prepared for receiving big buses of tourist, so the major attractions are the souvenirs shops and the expensive price of the products at the bar. I suggest instead, to wait 15 min more driving and stop at Bacunayagua’s Bridge, although there are souvenir shops and expensive products at the bar as well, this is one of few places in the area where you can enjoy the “Piña Colada” cocktail into a Pineapple fruit. Beside to this, the view over the Yumuri’s Valley is breathless.



Time to go to varadero


Varadero is one of the major attractions in all Cuba, clean, beautiful streets, souvenirs shops, amazing restaurants but mostly a breathless, white sands, crystal waters beach, every single tourist that comes to Varadero, comes to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches of the world. Now that you have just traveled by bus or taxi from Havana to Varadero, now you probably are wondering where to stay, there are a plenty of places where to stay in Varadero, and we can classify them basically in two groups: hotels and B&B. Now the question is which one to pick? Which one has sea front beach? Buffet? Pool? Quite Location? Good Service?







Finding the best hotel


There is a plenty of hotels all around Varadero, the mostly off them has a rating of “five stars” but honestly that never works like that, my suggestion is to look directly what the customers says about these hotels and the best place for it is to check the top ten listing of hotels in Varadero at The 10 best hotels in Tripadvisor and pay special attention to complains about hot water, no beach towels, and air conditioning no working as these are the top three complains at all.


I have done my own research and these are my three different suggestions for hotels for luxury, medium and economic budget:





  • internal attractions (pools, theater, animation, water sports, etc)
  • open bar
  • a la carte restaurants and buffet included



  • medium quality service
  • food not so good
  • technical problems (A/C, hot water, etc)




B&Bs or Hostels are well know in Cuba as “Casa Particlares”, and there nothing but real cuban people with license to host tourists at their home, the majority of cases these B&B are in outstanding conditions, some time even with more luxury than five star hotels, you can choose one with directly sea-front view ($50 CUC – $80 CUC) or others which are no more than two blocks away from the beach ($30 CUC – $45 CUC), in both cases the service provided by the owners of the houses are always outstanding. What I find not so attractive for this options of hosting is that there is not so much to do beside the beach and the room.B&B in particular logo


Finding the best B&Bs


As like hotels my personal suggestion is to go and dig once again in Bookings, the comments of tourists talks by themselves, just visit the following link: the best B&Bs in Varadero

Once again I have done my personal review and the two winners are the followings:




  • direct approach with cuban people
  • quality service and food
  • quite and private spot



  • boring for periods over three days
  • dinner is not included


As my personal suggestion I would say, if you are coming to Varadero for a few days, maybe two or three, then choose an B&B, is going to be cheap, relaxing, interesting and you are going to just a few steps away from Varadero’s main attraction; the Beach. In the other hand if are planning to stay longer, maybe a week or even more… then my suggestion is to book a resort, it may be kind of boring spending so much time in a cuban house, always the same around, even if you are traveling in group. The hotels has a variety of things to do.


I really hope this guide has been useful for everybody interesting in the topic. No I would like to ask you: Do you have in mind coming from Havana to Varadero in the upcoming days, weeks? Do you have any other questions about the topic? Please let a comment below. It would be my pleasure to help through.

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